Our Music Video Champ presented by SiriusXM is back with 10 local heavyweights competing with an ORIGINAL music video shot specifically to win the belt (and $5,000 Canadian pesos)! The only rule? Create a video that manages to make us forget these pandemic times we’re living in.


Founded in 2017, Vanille is the solo project of singer-songwriter Rachel Leblanc. Her songs, immersed in the melancholic sadness of the suburban life, naively recount the daydreams and moods of late adolescence. Vanille quickly released a first EP entitled My Grandfather think I’m going to Hell. At the beginning of 2021, a first album in French with clearer influences was released with Emmanuel Ethier as producer. The album Soleil ’96, which received a unanimous welcome from critics and the public, combines the nostalgia and refined melodies typical of the 60s with the energy and intuition of 90s garage rock.


Born on the edge, not yet dead.

– Chris Labouille

– Tommy Pillfiger Dirty Dog

– Jérémie Scopperfield

– Big Quarter Salad aka Sachet Guevara

– OG Bobby Senghor aka OG Bobby Sniff Fort

– Noxycontin aka Obnoxious

– Jeung Viz aka Perco-7

– Micro aka Ranselme aka Dread FlinStoned

– Playboy Juddy aka Young Judicieux

– Just Denis aka Duce Jenis

– René Angé-Ligne and Sept-Linges Dion

– Random Mitchell Pamplemousse aka Le C.H.A.R.M


Totalement Sublime is the new project of Marc-Antoine Barbier (Choses Sauvages) and Élie Raymond (Foreign Diplomats). Together, they experiment with eclectic arrangements, borrowing from Japanese music of the 80s (Yasuaki Shimizu, Ryuichi Sakamoto) as well as from the New York avant-garde (Philip Glass, Arthur Russell, Gray). 

The French project paints contemplative environments, dealing with subjects such as fatigue and nostalgia. Without wanting to go into long, deep texts, they try to use simple language that illustrates many images of life: an afternoon by the river, a moonlit summer night, a warm August rain, birds (and people) heading south to escape the cold of the approaching winter… Totalement Sublime was born out of a common love of music, a desire to produce without stress or expectations, and friendship. It is also the name of a “rich grey” color of the paint brand Bétonel.


Good morning,

CRABE is a whimsical duo that has been playing pure ZIK for more than a decade with the vigor of a first-born child. With more than 6 albums and several EPs to its credit, the group kicks off 2021 with the release of its 7th opus: Setients. CRABE, known for the chaos that emerges from their performances as well as their capacity to let go on stage, has performed over 200 times throughout our bitter America.

A lover of contrast and a present-punk optimist, CARBE sinks, melts and is reborn with the smile of the so-called guitarist. 

Good night.


Super Plage is hot, it’s sexy, it’s the soundtrack to your never ending  summer. Formed at the end of 2019, Rimouski’s Jules Henry’s electro-pop project puts forward French-pop sounds reminiscent at times of the sensual vibes of Sebastien Tellier, Vendredi sur Mer and Le Couleur. Surrounded on stage by his musicians and the sweet voice of Virginie B, Super Plage offers an incursion into a wild universe where you can let yourself be moved by the waves of a beautiful-sounding celebration.


Pure Carrière was born in 2017 with a slacker punk nono EP “one take no edit” with Samuel Gougoux (Victime, Corridor) on drums. The project subsequently fell dormant as Jean-Michel Letendre-Veilleux (Beat Sexü, Anatole, Le Pantoum) and Laurence Gauthier-Brown (Victime) were no worse off with the aforementioned musical projects and related fires to put out. And then, poof, they chose themselves and gave themselves time to shape and reshape pieces closer to their intentions. In the last two years, Pure Carrière has created new pieces, taken pieces from the 2017 EP and also some of Letendre-Veilleux’s side projects (i.e. MOM Jeans and Vie) to improve them: from celebrating the first creative gesture, Pure Carrière has moved on to the sustainability of the second chance.


Originally from Baie-Ste-Marie, Nova Scotia, P’tit Belliveau grew up in a French-speaking island community surrounded by English speakers. Nevertheless, it is in his mother tongue that he made his debut at the Francouvertes in 2019, being a finalist with O.G.B. and Alex Burger. He has been living in Moncton, New Brunswick for almost a year now and keeps the community spirit of his homeland close to his heart. Lakes, fishing and nature are at the heart of his inspiration.

Music took root in his heart thanks to the local community radio station in Baie-Ste-Marie where he picked up the first bits of what would become his essence. They were constantly playing DIY music, which is now coming to life in his own lo-fi sounds, and his desire to integrate drum machines into folk or bluegrass music.

Knowing how to tell everyday life stories like no other, P’tit Belliveau’s folk-country sound has an electro feel to it, inspired by the audio vibes of cassette players.


TDA is the solo project of Samuel Gougoux, multi-instrumentalist notably involved as a drummer in several bands of the Montreal scene (VICTIME, Corridor, N NAO, Jonathan Personne). Through solo shows with drums, triggers and processed vocals, TDA unveils itself in 2019 via a homonymous EP on which traits of industrial, experimental and no wave music are evident. The follow-up – a full-length debut album, Ascete, both darker and contemplative while following the same streams of influences – was also created in the reclusion and solitude of his childhood countryside in the Lower St. Lawrence, yet with the intention of being performed as a band: Simon Provencher (VICTIME), Mathieu Arsenault (Only, Technical Kidman) and violinist Élise Paradis will join Gougoux on stage. Ascete was released in the spring of 2021 under Michel Records.


Etienne grew up listening to his parents’ prog rock, somewhere between Victoriaville and Magog. He first infiltrated the Montreal music scene as a photographer, before trading his camera for his songs. Co-produced with Félix Petit, his first album Excalibur is a skilful fusion of deconstructed genres. Still tinged with the rawness of the acoustic guitar, this second body of work combines synthetic waves and samples that borrow as much from electro as from R&B. Very much of its time, this is music that refuses to be labeled and instead brings together a host of influences to form a homogeneous and unique sound. Excalibur reaffirms that Etienne Dufresne is an artist to watch closely.


Dope.Gng is made up of Yabock and Zilla, two roommates from Montreal’s Hochelaga neighbourhood. Together, they aspire to deconstruct the boundaries between trap and punk, managing to paint a clear picture of their reality by creating colourful parallels between drug use and relationships. Vicious circles, toxic love and a bright future are all part of the duo’s lyrical themes which they successfully communicate with finesse and authenticity.