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Sophia Bel

Montreal artist, singer and producer Sophia Bel has always been slightly out of lockstep with her surroundings. Born in the United States and raised in Quebec City in the era of Britney and Christina, from a young age Bel was intrigued by the links between clean pop songcraft and the brooding, intriguing sounds of trip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass that she was also exposed to at the time. Her black fingernail polish made her the target of bullies at her school in suburban Quebec City, earning her the nicknames “Emo” and “Princess of the Dead.” As an artist, She’s reclaiming those hurtful names and owning them: her debut EP’s, entitled Princess of the Dead, Vol. I and Vol. II, delve into her past experiences with wit, authenticity and refreshing candour.

Robert Robert

After 10 years of making people dance, Robert Robert ends up having a lot of stories to tell, from Garageband to his friends’ home studio, from raves to international festivals. It is from the heart of the Villeray district in Montreal that he makes his music alone and speaks out for the first time. Halfway between a confession and a fortune cookie message, his lyrics are inspired by his life and his friends.

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Originally from Montreal, Vendou is a rapper like no other. He uses music as an outlet for sensitivity and considers his art an intimate, sometimes intense exchange between the heart and the mind. Since 2018, Vendou has been accumulating top-quality releases. His unique voice tone, impeccable delivery and lyrical talent leave no one indifferent. Add to all this more than 200 shows throughout Quebec, France and Belgium, a notable appearance at the festival “Vue sur la relève” and the showcase competition “Les Francouvertes” an award at GAMIQ for EP Rap / Hip Hop of the year and you get the perfect canvas of a homegrown artist in rapid rise. His first album MILLENIUM will be released on April 23rd 2021.

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Franky Fade

Franky Fade is a Montreal-based rapper and singer-songwriter. In 2016, he formed the group Original Gros Bonnet with friends, first as a pianist, but quickly traded the keyboard for the microphone, writing having become his main means of expression. He travelled all over Quebec thanks to the group’s explosive hip-hop, playing at major festivals (Francos de Montréal, Osheaga, Santa Teresa…) and winning the 23rd edition of the Francouvertes. After the release of O.G.B.’s second album, the rapper began writing his first solo album. A much more personal project in terms of both form and content, he wrote most of the songs and all the lyrics. His melodic hip-hop is carried by poignant lyrics and immersive arrangements, which will be featured on his first album to be released on the Bonsound label in 2021.

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Naya Ali

Montreal-based Ethiopian rapper Naya Ali burst onto the Canadian Hip-Hop scene in 2017 and does not hide her international ambitions. Quickly noticed for her flamboyant personality and unparalleled flow, the artist is able to transport us from a scathing world sometimes dark, sometimes quieter, but always uncompromising. Since the release of her first EP “Higher Self”, the emerging artist has drawn looks and attention from several media and some major hip-hop players, even abroad. With the release of the first part of her real debut album “Godspeed: Baptism (prelude)” in March 2020, Naya Ali is once again making a great fuss and proving that she has nothing to envy the American household names.