Zoo Baby Credit Dominic Lachance


Zoo Baby is the alter ego of singer-songwriter Xavier Dufour Thériault.

In 2020, he first released a self-titled debut album, layered with atmospheric keyboards, post-disco grooves, fuzzy and mellow strings, cheated horns and layers of reverberated harmonic vocals, all produced by Julien Mineau (Malajube).

Zoo Baby returns in 2023 with a dancy Volume 2, imbued with a sound that is just as irresistible, sensual and simply uncomplicated. Musically, this second album is like a painter's palette of multi-coloured paintings: several shades of funk and disco, a touch of folk, an undeniable rock soul and that enthusiastic pop essence that’s become his signature.

While remaining consistent with his first opus, Zoo Baby reveals himself to be even more embodied, comfortably installed in the casual crooner's shoes he has created for himself. His discourse is constructed through a frank writing style that inspires both a diary and the script of a web series. The contemporary signs he inserts into his texts are superimposed on the self-referential scenes of his bohemian lifestyle. Mineau is once again the producer for Xavier, who remains the laid-back creator of a crazy, disarmed and certainly endearing alter ego.

Bar Le Cha Cha, May 13, 11:00pm - Free - 18+.

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