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After more than a decade of recording silence punctuated by rare stage appearances, Vulgaires Machins is back releasing their newest album Disruption in the fall of 2022. If this album still carries the socio-political punch that made the band's signature, it opens its horizons to more introspective reflections on the evolution of a world whose collapse is accelerating. With the addition of Pat Sayers on drums, the original trio also enriches its punk-rock with grunge and synth-pop inclinations. Disruption is an honest attempt to overcome the nihilistic temptations of the world and has been widely celebrated by critics and the public alike. A success that was confirmed on stage in the weeks following its release during a tour of the province with the American band Anti-Flag.

Vulgaires Machins made a name for themselves in 1995 with several notable performances. A first album, 24-40, was released in 1998, while the group continued to perform. At the dawn of the 2000s, Guillaume Beauregard (vocals, guitar), Marie-Eve Roy (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Maxime Beauregard (bass) and Patrick Landry (drums) took advantage of the release of “Regarde le monde” to embark on a long European tour (France, Switzerland, Spain). In Quebec, the shows were increasingly sold out, giving the quartet access to major festivals (FEQ, Francos, Osheaga, etc). In this euphoria, a third album Aimer le mal was released in 2001, with a series of engaging music videos that allowed the band's audience to grow even more. The venues were full, the Quebec tour was extended by more dates and even added a few dates across France.

While Vulgaires Machins seems to have reached its peak, the album Compter les corps hits the shelves in 2006 to strike a blow. As soon as it was presented on stage, the album won the Prix Miroir Coup de cœur at the Festival d'été de Québec. The critics' rave reviews echoed the public's enthusiasm. The group broke through the commercial airwaves and shook up the hierarchy of the charts. 2007 is the year of all the nominations: Juno Awards, Much Music Video Awards, Gala GAMIQ, Gala ADISQ... After a diversion through the DVD/CD Presque sold-out (2008), recorded in front of a live audience, Vulgaires Machins released its new album Requiem pour les sourds in 2010 before tirelessly hitting the road again and winning the Prix ÉCHO de la chanson de la SOCAN for its song Parasites. In the fall of 2011, the band turned down the volume and stepped away from the decibels for an acoustic album where they reinterpreted some of their favourites, drawing on their bluegrass and folk influences. Vulgaires Machins magnificently transposes this intimate atmosphere on stage during a tour that crosses Quebec from February to May 2012.

Loto-Québec Mainstage, May 12, 9:30pm - $ - All Ages

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Compter les corps Vulgaires Machins

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