Sorai 2024 CREDIT Vincent St Pierre


Soraï is a queer Montreal artist and beat-maker who is bringing a breath of fresh air to the current hip-hop scene, thanks to her assertive artistic identity and original musicality, her sophisticated visual aesthetic and her intelligent, sensual and playful lyrics. Proud to be in charge of every step of her creative process — from writing to production — she crafts her musical universe solo in her studio.

In April 2023, Soraï confidently unveiled her first single, Pansements, an atypical rap song with a disjointed flow and beat. Then, in September, the artist presented Pas d'humeur, a mix of trap-based rap, bossa nova guitar and synthesizers, which earned her the title of iHeartRadio Future Star of the Month for October on Rouge FM. This was followed by Caramel, a collaboration with Montreal queer artist Xela Edna, and Wasabi, the last single before the album's release, on 26 January, a collaboration with La Monarque.

Soraï's debut album packs a punch with its sophisticated musicality and strong artistic personality. It's all driven by melodic, catchy rap that's as gentle as it is explosive, revealing a new genre that draws influences from modern hip-hop. The engaging, sensitive lyrics, imbued with playfulness, captivate the listener and reveal the artist's boldness, boundless energy and shy vulnerability. Synesthésies is a direct portal into the life of a young queer feminist artist from Montreal, determined to bring diversity to the Quebec music scene with this promising new project.

Le St-Graal, Sunday May 12 - Free - 18+

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