Roselle, whose real name is Rosalie Roberge, came into the music industry through the front door. The show La Voix (The Voice Québec) revealed her talent to the general public. Others already knew her as the sister and vocal collaborator of Vincent Roberge (Les Louanges). After being hired as the lead singer of the group The Lost Fingers, and adding her unique aesthetic to the mix, it's now her turn to shine on stage with a first album.

Roselle questions herself and comments on her generation with forceful and honest lyrics. Musically, the singer-songwriter combines electronic drums and synths with strings and voice arrangements, making the most of the digital world and human performance. Her luminous neo-soul pop is complemented by thought-provoking lyrics about love and her beliefs. Produced by François Richard, her first album Aurore was released September 16 2022.

Desjardins Stage, May 14 3PM - Free - For all

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