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Q-052 is a Mi'kmaq rapper and activist from Gesgapegiag, Gaspé. He was nominated for Aboriginal Artist of the Year at the 2021 ADISQ Gala, at the 2022 Teweikan Gala in the Expressive Music Artist/Group and Blues/Rock Artist/Group categories, and at the 2022 GAMIQ in the Hip-Hop Album category.

In 2022, he unveiled three new albums: ImagiNation, The Storm and The Calm, three relevant and completely different compilations. His show, like his lyrics, is percussive and vibrates on rock sounds (guitar, drum, bass, piano). He takes us on a journey of awareness and collective release. The letter Q stands for his first name Quentin and 052 is the official government name of his reserve. No Justice, No Peace.

Desjardins Stage, May 13, 7:30pm Free - For all

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