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Pure Carrière was born in 2017 with their slacker punk EP "one take no edit" including a collab with Samuel Gougoux (Victime, Corridor) on drums. The project then fell dormant as Jean-Michel Letendre-Veilleux (Beat Sexü, Anatole, Le Pantoum) and Laurence Gauthier-Brown (Victime) were busy with their respective projects. And then, poof, they chose get back together and gave themselves time to shape and reshape music closer to their common intentions.

In the last two years, Pure Carrière has created new songs, reworked tracks from the 2017 EP as well as some of Letendre-Veilleux's side projects (i.e. MOM Jeans and Vie) to improve them. Pure Carrière is now giving their all to their second chance as a band.

SiriusXM Chapel at L'Urlu, May 14 8:30pm - Free - All Ages

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