LOÏC LAFRANCE (Francouvertes Finalist)

Photo de presse Loïc Lafrance

LOÏC LAFRANCE (Francouvertes Finalist)

Loïc Lafrance is a singer-songwriter straight out of Bas-Saint-Laurent. Now based in Quebec City, the artist began self-producing in 2020. An album and an EP have since emerged from their bedroom in Saint-Sauveur. Released in 2023, the "THÉÂTRE/VIOLENCE" EP juxtaposes their art and sociology backgrounds. In it, they express their frustration with a system where the marginalized don't have the same opportunities as those at the center of the social normativity spectrum.

Loïc Lafrance's music takes its inspiration from 70s rock, with an imaginative, symbolic style. Ranging from rhythmic anthems with velcro choruses to ballads with poignant, personal lyrics, the "naïve rock" of this colourful youngster always stands out for its infectious joie de vivre. It's a multidisciplinary project that combines a raw, casual sound with a luminous, overexcited, maximalist staging.

Desjardins Stage Friday May 10 @6PM - FREE - All Ages

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