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Population II is a band dedicated to its disengagement, constantly working on refining their imposing, yet unpretentious sound. A trio consisting of singer/drummer Pierre-Luc Gratton, guitarist/keyboardist Tristan Lacombe and bassist Sébastien Provençal, Population II are masters at both improvised madness and sophisticated composition, delivering heavy psychedelic rock infused with feverish funk rhythms, a hint of jazz philosophy, a burst of energy reminiscent of punk's early days, and a love of minor scales that harkens back to the roots of heavy metal. The band's uniqueness is reinforced by Pierre-Luc's unique voice and his introspective, nostalgic and offbeat lyrics.

Population II released "Électrons libres du Québec" in October 2023, a second album published this time under Bonsound. A bit more straightforward than its predecessor, this new opus offers a natural progression of the sound established on the trio's previous releases, demonstrating a sharp sense of composition and an undeniable mastery of their instruments. "Électrons libres du Québec" is as complex as it is instantly memorable, a precarious balance that the band manages to maintain effortlessly.

Bar Le Cha Cha, Saturday May 11 - FREE - 18+


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