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Miel de Montagne unveils his essence through electronic-infused pop productions, singing about his rustic existence with family, love stories, skateboarding, and his canine companion. His lyrics resemble punchlines that loop like catchy refrains, revealing great songs within everyday situations. In his debut album, he deciphers his carefree life as a 24-year-old, exuding sunny yet introspective vocals that oscillate between humor and cynicism, depth and levity, and a penchant for dancing.

This musical outcome mirrors the new generation—unrestrained, hybrid, and boundary-breaking. Hits like "Pourquoi Pas" and "Permis B Bébé" amassed millions of streams magnified during a nationwide tour culminating in a triumphant show at La Cigale in Paris.

Miel de Montagne opens a gateway to his ponderings, couched in simple yet vivid imagery. He now embraces previously dismissed doubts, delving into understanding our authentic selves amid societal roles and the inclination to conceal behind facades. The new album "Tomber pour toi" underscores maintaining childlike wonder and freedom amidst adulthood, grappling with existential voids, and upholding authenticity as a means to truly live. French music thinkers Jacques and Philippe Katerine join as album guests.

The 11 tracks artfully traverse Miel de Montagne's emotional spectrum. From melancholy to introspection, they exude a yearning for adventure. The album echoes the everyday raptures of Jirô Taniguchi and the magnetic melodies of Mac de Marco and Connan Mockasin.

Ultimately, the album's greatest reward is for listeners to soar, resonate, rediscover primal emotions, and savor the present moment.

Loto-Québec Big Stage, Sunday May 12 @ 16h - $$ - All Ages

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