Men I Trust


Men I Trust is an indie / bedroom pop trio composed of Quebecers Jesse Caron (bass), Dagos Chiriac (keyboards) and Emmanuelle Proulx (guitar, voice). The band has been working independently since its inception in 2014: Indeed, it is a choice for them not to deal with a label or a distribution house.

Men I Trust almost exclusively fed their fans singles between 2015 and 2019 before releasing the full-length Uncle Jazz. They tour extensively in the US, Asia and then Europe and sing in English. In 2018, Men I Trust were invited to play several prestigious US festivals, including Coachella, California. Their latest album entitled Untourable Album was released in 2021.

Loto-Québec Mainstage, May 14 8:20pm - $ - All Ages

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Ring of Past Men I Trust

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