Lysandre photo 2022


Sans oublier, Lysandre’s first full length album, is a series of offerings to the key female characters in her life. Obsessed by the concept of memory, the singer-songwriter dedicates the majority of her songs to the feminine figures of her entourage ; remembering them has saved her nostalgic relationship with the world.

Guided by Alexandre Martel on direction and surrounded by musicians Étienne Dupré (Klô Pelgag, Duu) and Samuel Gougoux (Corridor, TDA), Lysandre combines her classical music background with a popular music sensibility, integrating several arrangements (Aaron Wolff) of cello and trombones and exploring the sounds of the piano, the harpsichord, the clavinet and the theorbo. Her multiple collaborations (Ouri, Blaise Émard) bring together what makes the force of Sans Oublier’s community, where speaking up becomes an instrument. Sometimes accompanied by the voices of her friends N Nao, Lou-Adriane Cassidy and Ariane Roy, Lysandre illustrates beautifully the voices of other women through her own.

SiriusXM Chapel at L'Urlu, May 13 10:00pm - Free - For all

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