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C’est pas ce que tu penses!

The trio Loud Lary Ajust has never truly deserted the Montreal scene since they announced the end of their group activities in 2016. Indeed, despite this supposed separation, the three artists have continued to accumulate projects and successes. Whether solo or as a team, they have gradually taken on more and more importance within Quebec's music industry. Their accomplishments speak for themselves!

Years have passed and the guys have aged, but the gang has continued to collaborate as if the LLA group had never dissolved.

Today, nearly eight years after the "separation" announcement of the formation in August 2016, the three inseparable colleagues return with a new single, a new video shot in Paris, and above all, an announcement that will please longtime fans. After the immense success of the two concerts in June 2022 at the Francos de Montréal, the desire to hit the stage as a team has returned to them. LLA has therefore decided to hit the road again for a temporary tour to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their legendary album Blue Volvo.

For the release of their new single "C’est pas ce que tu penses", a video was shot in Paris during Loud's historic concert at the Olympia, and a first portion of the cross-Quebec tour dates are available today on the website.

The group will hit the road in early May and has multiple surprises in store for us in the coming months. It is also worth noting that the Blue Volvo album will be available on vinyl.

Loto-Québec Big Stage, Saturday May 11 @8:30PM- $$ - All Ages

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