Lhéfé is a musical duo from Montreal offering an organic blend of pop and jazz. Since its creation in 2021, the group has put out a varied repertoire of music, performed in several mythical Montreal venues, and released its first EP "Mentir Mon Plaisir" in January 2023. Lhéfé characterizes themselves as a feminist project, which is palpable through the themes in their songs, their creative process and their collaborators.

Accompanied onstage by talented musicians Rébecca Legault, Albertine Poirier, and Delphine Dulude with their dreamlike and corroding aesthetic, Lhéfé always offers captivating performances enhanced by their disarming, dancy and striking melodies. Delivered with a poignant and textured voice, it’s practically impossible not to be lulled by the duo's honest, moving, and wonderfully accurate writing.

Saint-Graäl, May 13, 7:00pm - FREE - 18+

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