Laraw Credit Charlotte Rainville


A quadrilingual artist, born in Montreal to a family with Morrocan and Lebanese roots, Laraw, naturally expresses herself through the universal language of music. Catchy and danceable, her unique brand of alternative pop flies in the face of polished perfectionism, embracing authenticity without compromise. Her delicate, slightly rebellious voice sings about the trials and tribulations of the quarter-life crisis, with a spontaneity that’s utterly endearing.

Before even considering a singing career, Laraw was studying music production and sound design, intent on breaking into Montreal’s booming video game industry. In parallel, she began composing songs for fun and recording them with the help of a friend, producer and sound engineer Tim Buron. In doing so, she discovered she had a real knack for lyric writing, having always kept a journal to pour her heart out. And success came just as easily to her: the very first song she posted online drew the attention of major record labels. But glory comes with responsibility and some hard life lessons, as she found out. She quickly learned to develop a strong, confident identity in order to navigate the pitfalls of the industry and put forward music that truly reflects who she is.

Le St-Graal, Friday May 10 - FREE - 18+

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