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Before writing Dungeon Master, the cutest, heaviest, strangest rock’n’roll record you will hear this year, Gus Englehorn lived in Salt Lake City, Utah with his partner and bandmate Estée Preda who plays drums like Moe Tucker on salvia.

In those days, Gus was a sponsored and awarded snowboarder, although he always dreamed of being a songwriter. If he couldn’t be Dylan maybe he’d be Daniel Johnston, or Frank Black and The Pixies, or maybe Darby Crash and The Germs. Surprising, paranoid, studded with synths and strings - an outsider opus that sparkles with Dada spirt - Dungeon Master is deeper than a cellar, blunter than a club. A shivering introduction to an artist who’s finally arrived.

Le Cha Cha Bar May 12 11:30pm - FREE - 18+

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