Figure8 aka Louis-Philippe Parent is a producer/beatmaker, sound engineer and DJ who has been active for nearly 20 years. He first made a name for himself with the group Omnikrom. Their first two EPs quickly caught the attention of the public, but it was with their album TROP BANANE that they won the 2007 Félix award in the hip-hop category. He then went on tour with Omnikrom throughout Quebec and French-speaking Europe, collaborating with local and international artists such as TTC, Cœur de Pirate, Hugo Mudie, Ariane Moffat and many others.

He abandoned production for a few years to concentrate on a career as a DJ which allowed him to multiply events and residencies in several Montreal clubs and bars. His love of the underground led him to eventually return to production with the primary goal of promoting emerging talent.

Since then, he has released and collaborated with many emerging artists such as Dr. Stein, YUYU, Sloan Lucas, LowPocus, Badmninto, SeinsSucrer, John Truth, Pres One, Quadracup & futuristic-R&B singer Mari-Eve, to name a few. He is currently working on many new collaborations with local rappers and on a first solo album. He will also open his new studio in the coming months in the heart of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood.

Desjardins Stage, May 13, 9:30 pm - Free - All Ages

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