Daniel belanger


With his constantly renewed musical adventures, Daniel Bélanger is an essential artist on the Quebec music and song scene. Utterly incomparable in his freedom and poetic madness, he finds words that touch and hit the mark. He has a unique way of practicing his craft, working like a goldsmith. He never produces the same thing twice, preferring to explore the unknown to extract the precious, the rare, and the unexpected. The year 1992 marks the beginning of everything with the release of his first album Les insomniaques s'amusent, which served as a launch pad for a rapid and atypical career.

This was followed by about ten albums, two books, and music for theater and cinema. His career is strewn with awards (Félix in Quebec, Juno in Canada, and Jutra in Quebec cinema) that undoubtedly recognize his art.

Daniel Bélanger is back with Mercure en mai, an album that celebrates human complicity and unexpected joys. Words attentive to astonishments, to the sudden, to those "little Californias" that sleep within us; music that navigates between the minimal and the lush, with boomerang motifs and secret passages, everything here tells of the impromptu, of what escapes agendas and reason.

Loto-Québec Big Stage, Sunday May 12 @8:20PM - $$ - All Ages

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