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CKay is a rising star in the ever-burgeoning afrobeats scene and he has soared in the charts across the globe thanks to a viral remix of his single ‘’Love Nwantiti’’.

The Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer originally released Love Nwantiti (Ah Ah Ah) back in 2019 as part of his debut EP CKAY the First.

In 2021, the track began to really pick up stream. In late July, a TikTok user remixed the single, which quickly went stratospheric across dance challenges, stan edits, makeup reveals and more. 2,5 Million TikToks currently exist using that particular mix (with hundreds of thousand more across other versions) - and users soon began seeking out the original.

CKAY has continued to creat a global presence with accomplishments such as ‘’Most Shazamed song in the world’’.This week ‘’Love Nwantiti’’ Lands back at #1 on the Spotify Viral 50, and reaches a new peak at #9 (and #21 & #99) on the Global Spotify Top 200 with charts in over 60 markets, equivalent to a global Top 3 position with all 3 versions’ streams, now up to over 100M weekly streams across all versions, with 70% still driven by search and library. On TikTok, it amassed another 4M+ creates and a whooping 7,4BN views in the last 7 days.

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Love Nwantiti (ft. ElGrandeToto) [North African Remix] CKay

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