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Bønanza, the new musical project of singer-songwriter and producer Dominic Pelletier (Caravane), released their debut album, Prince Limonade, on October 14, 2022 via L-A be.

"Prince Limonade is the alter-ego I've always wanted to exponential version of me. He knows what to say, how to say it and above all, he knows how to live.

Prince Lemonade is a sonic adventure that lies halfway between psychedelic delirium and touching transparency. It's an album that pays tribute to the human condition, to simple joys, to candid emotions and to the grandiosity of the nature that surrounds us. Dominic Pelletier, through his wacky alter-ego Bønanza, hopes to touch people’s hearts and inspire them to see things in a new light...possibly the third one. Bønanza combines Funk, Soul and Pop, composed of equal parts of pleasure, sincerity, nostalgia and sweetness. With several nominations, millions of listens and more than 700 shows to his credit, Pelletier has carved out his own path, driven by his talent and determination. Having been active on the Quebec music scene since his teenage years with The Hunters, Caravane and more recently New Bleach, he is now trying his hand at a solo venture with Bønanza in order to reveal himself in a more personal and uncomplicated way.

Desjardins Stage, Sunday May 14 9PM - Free - All Ages

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