BLESSE3 Crédit Gaëlle Leroyer


Blesse is new band formed by ex-Zen Bamboo members Léo Leblanc, Charles-Antoine Olivier (aka CAO), and Xavier Touikan. Together, they look to create a chemical reaction—an emancipation, a liberation—a creative impulse that instigates new connections. The trio crafts idiosyncratic, pluralistic, abrasive, and above all, catchy pop. Inspired by artists such as Porches, My Bloody Valentine and Indochine, their music is a hyperpop/bedroom pop hybrid based on absolute mutual trust where mistakes are (almost) nonexistent.

The band progresses towards its musical aspirations with every song, bouncing from one idea to the next, constantly renewing the road ahead. Their music sets out bravely, rarely returning to its starting point, preserving its adventurous energy throughout every song to discover new ideas and destinations. Their main challenge is containing the abundance of ideas.

Loto-Québec MainStage - Sunday May 14 3:30PM - $ - All Ages

Le Cha Cha - Sunday May 14 10:30pm - FREE - 18+

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