Alix Fernz photo1 Â Antoine Giroux


Rough, contrasted, and labyrinthine, the music of Alix Fernz (formerly known as Blood Skin Atopic) ventures into the scalene enclave of post-punk while flirting with hypnagogic pop, creating a lo-fi hybrid between synthwave and alternative rock, adorned with catchy yet distorted melodies.

Singing about bar life, psychosocial disorders, drugs, addiction, and fear, drawing inspiration from high heels, lipstick, cross-dressing, fashion, and bugs, the singer-songwriter and performer introduces us to a masked coming-of-age in the cybernetic era of likes and memes. The Montreal-based artist presents "Wax," a first single under his new moniker, on September 12, 2023, via Mothland.

Le Montecristo Bar, Friday May 10 @ 11:30PM - Free - 18+

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