Alias Crédit Camille Galdu Drouin 2


Multi-instrumentalist, composer, music aficionado, polymath... Emmanuel Alias triend a handful of musical pursuits before creating his eponymous rock-psychedelic project. He first composed for series like Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects and Mon fils as well as for the feature film Jouliks by Mariloup Wolfe before working for Musique Nomade and producing the album DREAMWEAVER by Anachnid (nominated for an ADISQ award and on the Polaris long list). He also produced the track Out Of Touch from Beyries' album Encounter.

In 2019, he unveils ALIAS, a smooth and soaring, elastic and soothing psych rock project, marked by unexpected twists and filled with fantastic and hallucinatory storylines, borrowing from the canon genre mixed with ambivalence, dissonance, fuzz and rhythmic shifts.

Montecristo, May 13, 10:30pm - Free - 18+

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