ELEGIE Antoine Boily Duguay


Formed in the mid-2010s, Élégie is one of Quebec's least well-kept secrets. Led by Lawrence Villeneuve (guitar, vocals), Alex Corriveau (bass), and Maxence Girard (guitar, keyboards), the band has charmed music lovers of Quebec City with its irreverent and seemingly chaotic attitude, but above all with its simply irresistible new punk/post-wave compositions.

The recipe is simple: melancholic lyrics reflecting the joys and (mostly) the sorrows of an entire generation chasing happiness, catchy melodies that coat bitterness with a delicious layer of sugar, killer riffs, and frenetic rhythms that make you want to dance. And above all, a bunch of merry pranksters who don't take themselves too seriously, except when it comes to ruling the world. There's no need to resist; let yourself be charmed today.

Le Montecristo - Friday May 10 - Free - 18+

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