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Thierry Larose

Born in Marieville, Thierry Larose set his teenage years to a soundtrack of lo-fi American pop and Quebec indie singer-songwriter records from the 2000s. In the summer of 2018, in his early twenties, he moved to Montreal with the intent of taking a sabbatical from his English literature studies to focus solely on music. In just a few months, he put together a band, entered the studio to record four songs, and was selected to perform at the showcase competition Les Francouvertes. It all took off from there: he was approached by Grosse Boîte, was invited to open for Safia Nolin and Les sœurs Boulay on several dates, landed gigs at Pop Montréal, Santa Teresa and St-Roch XP without really having any music online, released a two-song EP, and in October 2019, went back in the studio to begin working on a debut album. Glittering rock, free-flowing, youthful indie pop, beautiful and sensitive songwriting, and lyrics that deliver poignant messages through subtle narration, imagery, and irony. In 2021, following the release of “Les amants de Pompéi’’, the album Cantalou was created. Humbly, Thierry has only one hope for the album: that upon listening to it, people can feel what he felt the first time he watched Before Sunrise.

Sunday May 22 @8pm - Desjardins Stage - FREE

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Thierry Larose Les amants de Pompéi

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