Princess Nokia


Princess Nokia

After nearly a decade as a leader and icon for outsiders and misfits, the New York-born Puerto Rican MC, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, style icon, actress, and activist Princess Nokia continues to speak up and speak out. Unassumingly, yet naturally, she fills the cracks in mainstream culture with rigorous, raw, and real honesty encased in razor sharp raps, her voice amplified across music, fashion, film, and street culture. She may have been born Destiny Frasqueri, but today, Princess Nokia is a symbol of possibility.

Quietly rising up as a voice the game needs, Princess Nokia continues to rap for all the right reasons. As she puts it on “S.H.I.T.,” “Don’t do this shit to be famous, I do this shit ‘cause I love it.” And with new music on the way, her Coachella debut this spring, her contribution to an upcoming benefit album alongside Taylor Swift, and a hometown show at Madison Square Garden with Haim all set for 2022, the possibilities are truly endless for Princess Nokia.

Saturday May 21 - Big Show - Loto Québec Main Stage - 9:40pm - All Ages - $

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