Emmanuelle Querry

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Emmanuelle Querry

Emmanuelle Querry is a 19 years old singer-songwriter born in Gatineau. Through her songs, she explores a rich variety of styles such as pop, r&b or soul, inviting her audience into a soft and colorful universe.

Based in Montreal, Emmanuelle writes both French and English songs, which contributes to the versatility of her art and allows her to enlarge her audience. From her dynamic stage presence to the smoothness with which she presents her songs, the singer-songwriter holds this spark of authenticity which instantly charms her public. Accompanied by her three musicians, she delivers a unique performance that brings her audience into her own universe, filled with both passion and sensibility.

Friday May 20 - 10:20 - Cabaret Shows - Cabaret BMO

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Nuit Emmanuelle Querry

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