La fin des faibles

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La fin des faibles

As seen on television at La fin des faibles, the showcase includes the 5 infamous rounds of the End Of the Weak® MC challenge with a special touch! In the MC Challenge, contestants have to compete in five rounds: Beat Juggling, Written’s, A Capella’s, Cypha’s, and the crowd favorite: Freestyle Grab Bag. The MC Challenge was invented as the evolution of the MC Battle, we envisioned a unique competition that tests the most talented MCs on a wide set of skills. In this formula, the show features 4 contestants from La Fin des Faibles, as well as a host and two DJs, the crowd will judge the best performances and will determine the champion. Founded in New York in 2000, the MC Challenge has been held in over 25 countries across 5 continents. Every year, each nation sends one champion to represent their country in the annual World Finals, where one MC is crowned the new World Champion.

Saturday May 21 @23h30 - Cabaret Show - BMO - $

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